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I Shiver When I Hear Your Name

I Think About You But It's Not The Same...

Maroon 5 Whores
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Welcome to maroon5whores!
This is a community where you can show your love for the world's greatest (and sexiest) band, the one and only, Maroon 5.
Maroon 5 consists of Adam Levine on vocals and guitar, the shamokin' Jimmy V on guitar, the sexay Jesse Carmichael on keyboards, the lovely Mickey Madden on bass, and Ryan Dusick on drums.
Got some pics from an awesome show? Post them! Have you talked to the guys in person? Tell us about it! Just don't be lame!

Rules & Guidelines:
As I said before, don't be lame.
We all know the band is extremely hot/hawtt, but don't post something like, "OMG ADAM LEVINE IS SO HOT LOL I WANT TO HAVE HIS KIDS, LOL". Your post will be deleted afterwards.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. LJ drama is incredibly stupid, and rather amusing at times, to say the very least. Don't get into any arguements about anything, please, because you're only going to get yourself banned. And then I'm going to laugh at you beyond belief.
Community promotion. Promotion of a community having to do with Maroon 5 is allowed. HOWEVER, you may not promote your rating community here. Rating communities are lame, and therefore, your post will be deleted. Also, if you promote a community having to do with, say, Lindsay Lohan, it will also be deleted. Plus, if you're a fan of Lindsay Lohan, you're a prick.
Lj cuts. If you are posting long articles, huge pictures, or anything of the sort, please us an lj cut.
Spell check. Don't type like a damn moron. Need I say more?
Comments. They must be enabled.